Anchor Managed Solution Customer Choice Recipients 4th Year in a Row

The Consumer Choice Awards were established in 1987 with the purpose of recognizing business excellence in small to medium-sized businesses across North America.  The Consumer Choice Award Banquet for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan recipients was held on June 20th.

One of the differences of being a  Consumer Choice Awards recipient is that you are selected by the consumers, which is quite different than many of the other awards in the Saskatoon business community.

“This is the 4th year in a row that Anchor Managed Solutions has been chosen for the Consumer Choice Awards and each year that we are chosen is an honor. Every time you get the phone call advising you are one of the selected companies to be a recipient makes you realize you are making a difference in your client’s business.  IT is often the scary part of the business, no one wants to talk about security when it comes to your computers.   We are here to make IT easy.   We are glad we can help our clients. Thank you for your confidence in our company Anchor Managed Solutions. “ - says Pat Kolysher, Chief Marketing Officer

Anchor Managed Solutions started because 3 guys sat down with a Managed IT and Managed Security idea and the business has continued from there.  

Anchor Managed Solutions was founded in 2014 and has an award-winning team recognized as one of the leading IT companies in North America. Anchor’s focus is on helping small and medium businesses throughout Saskatchewan with their IT.  They work with industry-leading vendors to ensure your business is protected and growing smoothly.

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Take a proactive approach to IT and Cyber Security; take your focus off technology, and back onto what matters: growing your business.

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