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Eligibility for CDAP

To apply for CDAP, you must be the owner or director (or authorized by the director), and your business must be Canadian-owned, for-profit, between 1-499 employees, and have at least $500,000 in annual revenue in one of the last three years.

CDAP Grant Levels

Grow Your Business Online Grant for setting up e-commerce and growing your sales online ($2,400)
Boost Your Business Technology Grant for getting advice on technologies that can help your business ($15,000).



Book a discovery call with Allstar Tech's Digital Advisors who will work directly with your team to devise a plan that meets your business goals.



They will propose a digital adoption plan to improve your company’s technology stack and poise your business for continued growth with cutting-edge digital solutions



We implement the plan that was created in step 2. Though different for every situation, this involves things like training your employees, implementing firewalls, and more.



We monitor your IT 24/7 for signs of intruders. Most of this is online and so if anything fishy comes up on our radars, we handle it and keep you informed.

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For 15 years Allstar Tech has been helping businesses model their processes. They've helped dozens of organizations streamline their processes, enhance agility, and be more profitable.

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