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Technology can make or break productivity for your employees. When technology just works, it gets out of the way and enables your employees to achieve their life’s best work, and that’s what we do.

Anchor partners with your leadership team to create a roadmap that will change your IT setup from confusing and unreliable to safe, secure, and above all easy to understand.

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Our proven model of IT management involves creating and implementing systems to prevent disaster from striking, rather than swooping in after something bad has already happened. This saves both time, money, and makes things far more dependable.


Anchor is made up of a team of experts in all things IT. Though everyone shares common knowledge, each of our employees is a specialized expert in a certain area of technology. This beats the old way of having just one IT person in-house at your company handling everything.



When you come on-board with Anchor, we’ll sit down with key people from your company and perform a full analysis of your current technology situation. 



We’ll propose–in detail–a roadmap to fix, improve, and secure every piece of your company’s technology stack. From network to smartphones, passwords to printers.



We put in place the plan that was created in step 2. Though different for every situation, this involves things like training your employees, implementing firewalls, and more.



We monitor your IT 24/7 for signs of intruders. Most of this is online and so if anything fishy comes up on our radars, we handle it and keep you informed.

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People first, technology second

The way we see it, we manage people first, and technology second. Your company is made up of people. People who use technology, and we’re here to serve you and your team.

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Boring and
predictable IT

Yup, you read that right. When it comes to your IT, boring and predictable is better. Boring and predictable is an end result that means technology is working for you, and not against you.

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“We started with Anchor just as we were about to make a move to a new location, having dealt with other IT providers previously. Anchor was professional, and managed our way through the move, along with providing us excellent IT service at the same time. Oh, and I should mention that the move took place during a global pandemic, so we needed extra safety and security measures in place. I would highly recommend Anchor for your IT needs, especially for a professional organization.”

Full list of services

Remote Control Support and End Point Protection

Anchor’s remote access and advanced security tools allow their team of technicians to remotely access your servers and endpoints (laptops, desktops, tablets) to troubleshoot and fix IT problems.

Site Documentation

Anchor provides a thorough and complete documentation manual.  This documentation is regularly managed and updated.

Help Desk 8 x 5 Support

At Anchor, our team takes phone calls as they come in, and then when the phones are quiet, they go through our email and ticketing system to ensure all tickets get looked after in a timely manner.

Help Desk After-hour Support

Outside of normal business hours (7 AM – 6PM, M-F) Anchor has an on-call technician available to help for critical IT emergencies.

Event Monitoring and Resolution

Events are logged in Anchor’s ticketing system and acted on accordingly.  Our ever-growing list of alerts allows us to generate tickets and produce automated solutions for problems that may have gone previously unnoticed.

Desktop & Laptop Refresh

Managed Services includes desktop deployment labour for any existing staff.  Anchor can help with imaging and deployment of new hardware purchased while under a standard managed services  agreement.

Patch Deployments

Our patch management follows a set of industry standards designed to ensure patching is completed on a scheduled plan.

IT Management

Anchor will be responsible for developing network maintenance and growth plans, assist in creating annual and project budgets, managing the IT staff and keeping the executive team up to date on the latest networking technologies that could help the company to succeed.

Governance Meetings

Regularly scheduled meetings with key stakeholders to ensure requirements are being met.
Reports on systems up time and IT Roadmap planning occur in our governance meetings.

Procurement Services / Lifecycle Management

Let Anchor take the hassle out of getting the right equipment for your team. Setup Lifecycle management and we will replace your teams computers when they start slowing your employees down.

Professional Services - Projects and Deployments

Anchor will consult you on your next deployment of new tech. We take the stress out of managing and maintaining your equipment.

Advisory Services - Assessment and Consulting Services

Unsure about your companies next tech venture or upgrade? Anchor will consult with you to make the right decision for your company with expert advice.

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