2014 April - Humble Beginnings

Three founders set out to fill a void in Saskatchewan that they felt was holding small and medium businesses back. They started an IT company that would focus all its efforts into helping small and medium sized companies with their IT planning and support. Being a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a great responsibility and a privilege.

Shawne Hancock, Pat Kolysher, and Andrew Ouellette started the business in April of 2014 in Pat's basement.

One of the first things we did, was host a tournament with logotournament.com to get the ball rolling for our corporate logo and branding. This was a fun experience where we were able to like and dislike logos designed by people from all over the world! The process took a couple weeks from start to finish, and in then end, we were presented with a logo that stemmed from all three of us.

The next thing we did was order business cards! You would think this is an EASY process, but for some reason, the three of us went on our own and designed and ordered our own business cards. They were absolutely terrible! Pat's had a logo that took up the entire card, Shawne's logo was the smallest, and Andrews logo was right in the middle. Down the road we ended up going back to our designer, and he was able to design the business cards that we still use today... thanks Guz!!

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