2022 June - Anchor 3rd year in a row Consumer Choice Awards Winner

Anchor Managed Solutions has won theConsumer Choice Award in the computer - managed services providers category inSaskatoon & Greater Region. It’s an honor for us to win this coveted award threeyears in a row.

For more than three decades, the Consumer ChoiceAward has been celebrating business excellence. The voting process is managedby leading market research agencies in North America, which adds credibility tothe award. 

Anchor’s award-winning portfolio ofservices includes project management, service implementation, strategic ITconsulting, security training, and help desk support to organizations acrosssectors in Western Canada. We’re committed to delivering enterprise-level ITsolutions and infrastructure to small and medium-sized businesses, which helpsunlock their potential and makes them competitive and innovative. 

To deploy IT to empower organizations, we’reconstantly enhancing our partnerships and researching the latest threats incyberspace. Through open and effective communication, we inform our clients ofwhat’s happening and protect them using solutions typically reserved for largeenterprises. 

At Anchor, we provide a comprehensive rangeof services that help our clients strengthen their IT security. These includecyber security awareness training, dark web ID theft monitoring, manageddetection and response, password management, and AI-driven anti-virusprotection. 

Any organization that approaches us gets adetailed IT assessment from our tech experts. This ensures that their IT systemsare secure and robust. Through these completely private assessments, we deliverinformation that’s easy to understand and actionable. It helps our clientsunderstand how technology can be their partner in accomplishing their businessgoals. 

Our clients know that the right IT partnercan make a world of difference. For most of them, choosing Anchor was asignificant decision that enabled them to navigate the challenging world oftechnology. No wonder then, we’ve been ranked 211 in the world among managed ITservices providers.

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